History & Timeline

Date Presidents Events
1981   AB 932 Tech Training. AB 931 Dialysis reuse.
May 1981   First Meeting of interested Administrators & Physicians.
Dec 1981   First Meeting of Steering Committee ~ Retained the services of Michael J. Arnold & Associates.
Apr 21, 1982   First Informational Meeting Held – Northern California
May 7, 1982   First Informational Meeting Held – Southern California
May 21, 1982   California Dialysis Council established.
Oct 13, 1982   Articles of Incorporation Filed
1982 – 1984 Wes Young AB 1086 (Rosenthal) – Revised hemodialysis technician training law.
    SB 1977 (Watson) – Stopped this bill to prohibit reuse.
    SB 135 (Mello) – Authorized administration of 3 drugs by Hemodialysis Technicians.
May 17, 1984   First CDC Annual Educational Conference – Palm Springs Spa Hotel.
1984 – 1985 Robert Fortner, M.D. AB 915 (Felando) – License Fee Reduction. Savings:$1100/year/clinic.
1985 – 1986 James Spiegel AB 587 (Felando) – Technician training law improvements.
    AB 1794 (Elder) – Patient transportation.
1986 – 1988 Steven Mayhew, M.D. AB 686 (Tucker) – Enact Technician Training Act Modifications.
1988 - 1990 John De Palma, M.D. AB 2610 (Chandler) – AIDS notification - Vetoed.
    AB 395 (Felando) – Hemodialysis standardization – Vetoed.
    Resolved Method II dialysis issues regarding home dialysis.
1990 – 1991 Ted Weis, M.D. AB 909 (Hunter) – Uniform billing practices.
1991 Karen Rice AB 302 (Filanti) – Increase Medi-Cal reimbursement – Died.
1991 - 1992 Michael Paget SB 1748 (Mello) – Reprocessing standards enacted. Reuse protected.
Apr 10, 1992   CDC Administrative Office Founded ~ Michael Paget, Executive Director
1992 – 1994 J. Michael Channick, MD Sponsored AB 408 (Escutia) – Corrections in Hemodialysis Technician Training Act.
Jan 21, 1994   CDC Disaster Task Force Formed in Response to Northridge Quake.
1994 – 1996 Terry Bahr Sponsored SB 489 (Kelly) – Corrections in Hemodialysis Technician Training Act. Enacted
1996 – 1998 Kathy Laws Sponsored AB 2424 (Alby) – Increase Medi-Cal transportation services – Died due to costs.
1998 – 1999 Carol DiRaimondo, MD. Sponsored SB 1331 (Knight) – Hemodialysis Technician Training Act Improvements. Enacted
    Sponsored SB 1863 (Watson) – Share of cost fix – Died.
    Sought amendments to AB 1208 (Migden) – Safe Needle Mandate. Enacted
1999 – 2001 Debra Punch Supported AB 561 (Scott) – Payment of Medi-Cal Providers during budget deadlock. Enacted
    AB 1202 (Firebaugh) – Extension of Hemodialysis Technician Training Act. Enacted
    Opposed AB 60 (Knox) – Opposed mandate for for eight day. Enacted
    AB 394 (Kuehl) – Dialysis clinic deleted from nurse staffing ratio mandate. CDC amendment adopted.
    AB 1359 (Calderon) – Prohibition on reuse of single use medical device - - amended to exclude dialyzers.
2001 - 2002 Thomas Paukert, M.D. Medi-Cal Rate Increase of 2.4% effective 8/1/01. Sponsored by CDC. Enacted
    Opposed SB 1027 (Romero) Prohibits Overtime by nurses and others. CDC opposed - Bill died.
    Dialysis Social Workers. CDC met with DHS/CMS to clarify rules applying to dialysis social workers.
    Medi-Cal Billing for EPO. Secured improvements.
2003 - 2005 Susan Vogel 15 % Medi-Cal rate cut proposed by Governor. CDC opposed. Final cut 5%. CDC supported bill to restore rate was defeated. CDC joined coalitions filing suit to stop rate cut
    Elimination of non-emergency medical transportation. CDC opposed the proposal and it was defeated in the Budget Committee.
    SB 370 (Soto) CDC sponsored bill to eliminate Medi-Cal TAR for dialysis treatments passed and signed into law by the Governor. Bill effective 1-1-04.
    LVN regulations to approve administration of limited drugs approved by LVN Board. CDC strongly supported. CDC defended the regulations and worked with DHS and others to implement. (Regulations later partly invalidated).
    AB 1739 (Frommer) Revisions to CHT training law. CDC worked closely with the DHS to secure dozens of amendments. Bill died due to unrelated amendments.
2005 - 2007 Peter Crooks, M.D. CNA lawsuit invalidated LVN regulations on scope of practice. CDC hired outside counsel and helped clarify impact of court ruling. Lost authority to administer drugs, but retained authority to start and stop dialysis via central line, and to do patient assessment functions.
    Supported ACR 114 to establish legislative task force on diabetes and obesity. Enacted.
    Supported SB 169 to require certification of phlebotomy technicians. Enacted.
    Supported SB 912 to repeal the 2004 Medi-Cal provider rate cut. Enacted.
    Sponsored SCR 106 to proclaim California Chronic Kidney Disease Education Week. Enacted.
2007 - 2008 Cindy LaMunyon Supported AB 74 to create a UC “Institute for the Study of Diabetes and Obesity.” Died.
    Sponsored AB 214 to allow licensed dialysis clinics to provide dialysis in a long-term health care facility. Bill dropped when CDC obtained administrative solution: AFL 07-23, 8/16/17
    Supported AB 237 to double the Medical Providers Interim Payment Fund to pay providers during budget deadlock. Died due to costs.
    Supported AB 1689 to update the Uniform Anatomical Gift Account. Enacted.
    Supported HR 21 to establish Chronic Kidney Awareness Day. Enacted.
2008 - 2010 Karen Dyer Supported AB 308 to double the fund used to pay Medi-Cal providers during a budget a budget deadlock. Bill died due to fiscal considerations.
    Supported AB 2440 to require DHCS to adopt new CPT codes more quickly. Vetoed.
    Supported AB 2463 to require DHCS to create a hypertension and diabetes pilot project. Died due to costs.
    Supported HR 26 – World Kidney Day. Enacted.
    Opposed SB 1474 to mandate duplicative, costly and confusing new infection control requirements. Bill would have created big costs with no benefits. Bill died.
    Supported AB 998 to provide Medi-Cal coverage for anti-rejection medication for three years following organ transplant. Bill died.
    Sponsored SB 112 to revise Hemodialysis Technician Training Act as needed to comply with federal “conditions for coverage” (cfc) and to permit CDC to offer CHT examination which could obtain federal approval. Enacted
    Secured CMS approval for CA certified CHT to be in compliance with federal cfc.
    Sponsored SB 221 to repeal an old, never used and confusing “home dialysis law” which was creating problems in connection with dialysis performed in nursing homes. Enacted.
    Sponsored SR 16 to designate World Kidney Day. Enacted.
    Sponsored SJR 13 to urge CMS to improve the process for timely licensure and certification of new dialysis clinics. Adopted.
2010 - Present Thomas Paukert, M.D. Supported AB 2352 to provide Medi-Cal coverage for anti-rejection medication for two years following an organ transplant. Enacted.
    Supported HR 31 to urge the Legislature to create a Legislative Task Force on Chronic Kidney Disease. Adopted.
    Supported SB 1335 to allow employers greater flexibility to implement the eight hour workday law. Died.
    Supported SB 1395 to create a non-profit CA Organ and Tissue Registry. Enacted.
    Opposed Medi-Cal Provider cuts, cap on patient visits, cap on prescriptions and patient co-pays. The 10% provider payment reduction was adopted in AB 97. Cap on patient visits was revised to be “soft cap” which should not impact dialysis. Cap on number of prescriptions per month was defeated. Co-pay requirements will not apply to dialysis treatments. Continuing to oppose implementing of provider cuts at CMS and as part of the Alliance for Patient Care - - lawsuit likely.
    Developed California Home Dialysis Initiative (CHDI) and presented to State as savings alternative to Medi-Cal reimbursement cuts. Effort was unsuccessful.