PCT Exam

All Exam Applicants Must Comply with This Statement of Understanding

By submitting my application via online registration and payment, I understand that California’s state certification process depends upon successful passage of this exam or any of the CMS approved national certification examinations. Also, the completion of the specified requirements as set forth by the California Business and Professions Code section 1247. I further understand that the information accrued in this process may be used for statistical purposes and for evaluation by the State’s certification program. I further understand that the information from my records shall be held in confidence and shall not be used for any other purpose without my permission; however, after passing the examination the CDC reserves the right to publish my name and exam date on the CDC website. To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this online application is true, complete, correct, and is made in good faith. I understand that the California Dialysis Council reserves the right to verify any or all information on this application. I also understand that passing this exam ALONE does NOT result in state certification.

The California Dialysis Council is not responsible for the software provided by PSI at their onsite testing centers.  In the event there is an Act of God or an unforseen technological issue that keeps you from taking the test on your scheduled date and time, you will need to reschedule your exam with PSI.

The occurrence of any of the following actions will result in the denial, suspension, or revocation of the passing status:
   o Falsification of the CDC Examination application
   o Falsification of any materials or information requested by the CDC Examination office
   o Cheating on the CDC examination


Exam Study Materials

For the Dialysis Technician Core Curriculum book, 5th edition click here. This link takes you to a different website.