CDC Political Action Committee

The California Dialysis Council (CDC) has a long history of being a respected and active association in California. Since the inception of the organization in 1982, the CDC has been the primary group in Sacramento addressing issues impacting the ESRD community. The CDC continues to fulfill this role with State Legislators, the Administration and State Agencies involved in regulating the delivery of dialysis services in this state.

The CDC-Political Action Committee (CDC-PAC) has been an integral part of CDC. The funds in the CDC~PAC account are used to attend fundraisers and support candidates who recognize the unique challenges of the dialysis community. We strongly encourage all CDC member companies to contribute to the CDC~PAC. We expect a challenging year and hope that you can contribute. As a reminder, state PAC’s are different from federal PACs in that corporate contributions are permitted. Thus, a company check may be used to make a contribution to the CDC PAC. The limit on contributions to a state PAC like the CDC~PAC is $7,300 per calendar year.