Legislative Office

The CDC Legislative Office is located at 1127 11th Street, Suite 820, Sacramento, California 95814. The firm of Michael J. Arnold & Associates, Inc. provides legislative services for the California Dialysis Council, and has served in this role since the inception of the organization. The three lobbyists at our lobbying firm are Michael J. Arnold, Kristian E. Foy and Nicole A. Strombom.

The CDC Legislative Office reviews all legislation introduced in Sacramento and identifies proposals which are of interest to the CDC. The CDC Board reviews these bills and establishes the CDC position. Our lobbyists then pursue our issues during the course of the legislative process in an attempt to influence the outcome of public policy as directed by the CDC Board.

We have been very effective over the years in amending legislation sponsored by others and in securing passage of legislation sponsored by the CDC. 

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For legislative inquiries contact our Legislative Office at:
Michael J. Arnold & Associates
1127 Eleventh Street, Suite 820
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 446-2646
Fax: (916) 446-6095
Email: marnold@mjarnold.com