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9/15/2017 Other
Legislative update


News Update
2017 Legislative update
SB 349 (Lara) – Mandatory Staffing Ratios
We received a call on Friday from the Governor’s office letting us know that the author of SB 349 (Lara) decided not to take up the bill on the Assembly Floor this year. Thus, SB 349 is now a 2-year bill. It will be eligible for consideration again at any time during the 2018 legislative session.
As part of holding the bill this year, Senator Lara will be holding “stakeholder meetings” during the interim. We have assured the Senator’s staff and the Governor’s staff that we will engage in these efforts and will participate “with an open mind.”
The Governor’s office indicated that the discussions should focus on “quality, access and workforce issues.”
AB 251 (Bonta) – Mandate for Dialysis Clinics to send Rebates to Private Payors where direct patient care and related costs are less than 85% of Revenues
As we reported previously, AB 251 was moved to the Inactive File on the Senate Floor. We are advised that AB 251 will not be further pursued this year and is also a 2-year bill.
Initiatives – Putting SB 249 and or AB 251 in Statute via the Initiative Process
The two initiatives filed with the Attorney General’s Office by SEIU are still awaiting a “Title and Summary” for purposes of circulation. This step should be completed by October 15th